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“If you’re serious about growing an e-commerce business and cutting through the noise of so called ‘gurus’, you’ve found the right book.  - a must read.”

- Xavier Di Petta - CEO,  MedSpa Advertising

Finally! Predictable Scaling, Again and again!

1% Secret uncovers the hidden 'leverage points' within any internet business and give you the step by step guide to improve each leverage point by a lot more than just 1%


The book covers 7 important pillars of successful Ecommerce Businesses and reveal the important leverage points in each:

  • Better Operations

    Systems, Hiring, Automation, Negotiation, Selling Your Business and More!

  • Rapid Scaling

    Leveraging Compounding Growth, Scaling the Right Way, Managing Rising Ad Costs and More!

  • Exceptional Targeting

    Laser-Targeting, Niche Breakdowns, Attracting Premium Customers and more!

  • Brand Building

    Building an army of loyal followers, Gaining Authority, Premium Pricing, Leveraging Your Story and Mission!

  • More Traffic

    Expanding Your Influence, Crushing Email, New Traffic Sources, Winning at Retargeting and much more!

  • Self Improvement

    The Power of Networking, Masterminds, Peak Performance across your Mind, Body and Soul and much much more! 

  • More Sales

    Leveraging the power of reviews, phone calls and on-site hacks. Selling weapons of mass destruction and much much more!

I believe in a people first, win-win approach to entrepreneurship, and I’m proud to say that Martyn echoes that through every chapter of this book. With the 1% Secret, Martyn has created a guide that can benefit individuals at every stage of their journey.

Kevin Harrington - An original “shark” on the hit TV show Shark Tank, the creator of the infomercial, pioneer of the As Seen on TV brand, and co-founding board member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization

Why I Wrote This Book.. and WHY I Want To Give it To You For Free..

Here at Smarter Destiny (the brand behind this book) we have a mission:


"To build an army of Enlightened Entrepreneurs"


You see, there are 3 types of entrepreneur. People who:


- Run businesses

- Run businesses well, making a lot of money in the process

- Run businesses, make lots of money and create positive change in the world


The heroes from that last category are the Enlightened Entrepreneurs’.


- Enlightened Entrepreneurs crush business

- Enlightened Entrepreneurs make healthy decisions

- Enlightened Entrepreneurs build great relationships

- Enlightened Entrepreneurs use their wealth to make the world a little bit better

- Enlightened Entrepreneurs are in control of their own time, money and destiny


It is my true desire, my wish to help you make more money from your e-commerce business. It is also my mission to guide and empower you to use a portion of that money to help make the world a little bit better.


In this book, I will cover more than 50 ‘leverage points’ and give you the tactical roadmap you need to improve those leverage points in your life and business, so that you ultimately make a lot more money! I’ll also be showing you ways to improve your business whilst improving the world around you at the same time.


So how are we going to add an extra zero to your revenue?


Great question! We’re going to achieve this by leveraging the magical, compounding power of 1% incremental gains.


This beautiful, exceptionally powerful and perhaps most importantly, predictable strategy runs through the very spine of this book. It will show you how by improving just 2-4 leverage points in your business, by a mere 1%, will be enough to double your revenue on its own.


With that in mind, can you imagine what improving over 50 leverage points, by a lot more than 1%, is going to do for your business? Exactly, it’s going to strap a stick of C4 coated, popping candy filled dynamite to your business, blowing it into the stratosphere!

Here's A Quick Taste Of What You'll Be Discovering Inside This Free Book...

  • How to unlock the 1% Secret to predictably scale your business 1000% or more - unleashing compounding growth in your business by finding the hidden leverage points and following the step-by-step guidance to ramping up every single one for exponential returns!

  • How to understand your audience so well, that you're speaking their language, educating them and providing so much value that they can't help but buy from you, again and again and again!

  • The mindset and strategy behind scaling a brand new business from 0 to $1 million in sales - in it's first 3 months! HINT: This method involves accountability, competition, hustle - but only $1k of start up capital!

  • How to combat rising ad costs, and laugh all the way to the bank as you're able to charge MORE for your products whilst your competition panics and closes up shop! Use this method to actually flourish more during the hardest times!

  • Unlocking and emulating the tactics and strategies of the biggest, $100 million dollar+ brands to establish your authority and influence in whatever niche you sell your products in!

  • My bulletproof system for How to find, poach, hire and train the world's best ROCKSTAR employees that will catapult your business to unprecedented new levels of success - this works for in-house OR outsourced workers!

  • How to visualise and describe your brand's mission so clearly that it fires up your customers and staff alike to make your success their #1 priority! This method alone will eliminate 90% of communication issues you're facing now!

  • Leveraging the 3 different types of email and 6 different types of email sequence, that you should be sending in your business to ensure 30-40% of your revenue is coming from your email list! 

  • How to master the hybrid approach to traffic buying - uncovering untapped, new traffic sources that will transform your profits and catapult your sales - without spreading yourself or your team too thin!

  • How to put your review acquisition strategy on steroids empowering your customers to tell the world about your business - and the untapped method for turning those reviews into extra sales!

  •  The "Don't Use These Diamonds For Evil" chapter - where I reveal 10 earth-shattering tactics and hacks that have boosted the sales of countless ecommerce businesses that I have mentored or consulted for!

  • How to prepare for Selling Your Ecommerce Business - what the buyers are looking for and what you need to be getting in order NOW to push your business valuation to the highest level possible! This chapter alone could save you from heartbreak when your dream buyer turns you down for neglecting something fundamental in your business!

  • How to turbo charge your BFCM Sales (or crush ANY other promotion) Avoiding the #1 Mistake so many other businesses are making! How to maximise your sales and AOV whilst leveraging the scarcity and urgency of the promotion! 

  • The automated tools and software the BEST guys are secretly using to put key areas of their business in to profit-making-auto-pilot-mode and how you too can leverage these quick-wins to save time in your business - whilst pushing up those profits!

  • How to predict the future (seriously) - Leveraging the most important numbers and metrics in your business so you can build accurate forecasts and targets for the future! Now you'll know EXACTLY how much profit you're going to make - and exactly how you'll do it! No more guess work!

  • How I added an extra $44,623.48 (per month) to my business with a quick change that took just 10 minutes to implement! I show you the exact steps, and template messages used so you can copy and deploy them in your business immediately!

  • How you can even leverage the 1% Secret outside of your business to improve your health, body, decision-making, relationships and more! Let's face it - the better YOU operate as person - the more your business will benefit as a result too!

  • How you can even leverage the 1% Secret outside of your business to improve your health, body, decision-making, relationships and more! Let's face it - the better YOU operate as person - the more your business will benefit as a result too!

All this barely even scratches the surface of the value, tactics and strategies that you will uncover in this 300+ page book!

It’s getting hard and harder to find genuine marketers but with Martyn you're in good hands.​

Rizala Carrington

Facebook Marketer

Martyn is a class act.  Dependable, genuine, and one of the few guys in the internet marketing space that you can actually trust. If there's one thing I can say about him is that he brings integrity to the table.  One of the good ones!​

Saeed Rajan

Internet Marketer, Strategist, Investor

Elad Daskal

Amazon & Facebook Marketer

Everything Martyn makes just makes your life better. He is one of the most innovative people I have ever known. He is able to literally draft complicated stuff into simple flows that I can just follow.​

Dave Loader

Life and Fitness Coach, Entrepreneur

I'm currently living the dream traveling the world earning money online. It's hard to imagine i'd be doing these things without the intersections we had. Cheers man - much love.​

As if that wasn't enough, it gets better...

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 Here's What To Do Next ..and "The Catch" 

Like I mentioned above, this book is FREE. The only "cost" to you, is that I ask you to cover the printing, handling and shipping costs - these vary according to what country you are from but in ALL cases are a TINY downside price in return for the immense value and upside you will get with 1% Secret (Heck, even the $50 Giftcard bonus MORE than covers this tiny cost!).


So there is a tiny cost to actually deliver your physical book to your doorstep .. and that, my friend, is the "catch".

And just to be completely transparent...

I want you to know that in some cases I do "technically" make around $0.20 cents profit per book after printing, fulfillment and shipping costs.. as long as I order large quantities of the book and as long as I don't spend any money on advertising (which of course i'm going to do!)

In most cases therefore, I actually take a loss when selling the book at this price, because on average it costs me about $15.00 in ad spend just to sell one book.

(No. I'm not crazy  i'll tell you why in a second...)

Also, in case you're wondering - don't worry you're not going to be entered into some crazy recurring billing sequence, there are no hidden prices and i'm not going to turn up on your doorstep. I also won't be selling your email address or personal information to some spammer -  all of these are the tactics of 'get rich quick' idiots who don't give a crap about giving value to you!

My goal is actually quite the opposite!

I'm betting that you'll enjoy the book so much, you'll call me!

I'm literally giving you this 300+ page, heavy-hitting, zero-fluff, Ecommerce Roadmap for only a tiny shipping price as a means of "putting my best foot forward" and demonstrating real value to YOU!

My hope is that you'll love it so much that you continue to purchase additional products from me in the future - potentially you'll join me on the live training webinars I host, one of my physical events or even one of my luxury mastermind events.


But you want to test drive the $50,000 Ferrari before you buy it - That's why i'm very proud to announce that my very best work has gone into this Ecommerce Masterpiece - I am confident - It will transform your business!

Click the button to claim your copy of 1% Secret now. You won't regret it.

This Truly is a Limited Offer!

Here's the deal - we've only printed a few thousand copies of the book for this promotion, and when they're gone... well, they've gone!


If when you click the buttons on this page it loads up an order form then this offer is live. But note: I reserve the right to pull it down at any time - without notice!


The fact that you're considering taking action and investing in your future success means you are different - I appreciate you for that and for giving me your attention today.


I look forward to working with you soon.

PS. In case you're a rebel and ignored the video and simply skipped down to the bottom of the page (I like you!) here's the deal:


I'm mailing you a 300+ page masterpiece book called 1% Secret that will help, guide and teach you to scale your Ecommerce Business to 7 figures and beyond - even in today's competitive market.


The book is free (although you can buy it for $18.95 on Amazon), but on this page all you pay is a tiny shipping cost which depends on what country you're from but will be clearly displayed on the order form.


"Building an army of Enlightened Entrepreneurs, together."

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